Guiding principles
UX Principles
As a design organization we do our best to always follow these guiding principles.
Mobile First
Meet the user wherever they are. By approaching user needs mobile first we are able to create simple and delightful experiences on all device types.
User Centric & Activity Based
Make the user feel like we know who they are. All content is relevant to them and their activity on Rocket Lawyer.
Simple, Focused & Minimal
The experience should feel clean and simple. It should only surface information and actions on an as-needed basis.
Create Delight
Surprise the user and make them smile. Whether that's by making something unexpectedly easy or celebrating an accomplishment, no project is truly complete without having done this.
No Dead Ends
Always provide a path forward. This means that our user should always have something to do or an action to take. If taking that action results in an error, guide the user in a friendly way to correct it.
Truly Responsive Single-Page App
Rocket Lawyer responds quickly no matter what device the user is on.
Distinct & Cohesive Logged-In Experience
The experience should feel like it's all happening in one space.
Robust & Flexible Foundation
Design and build for the future.
Data Informed Optimization
Tracking all user actions and activity, and asking them for insights through user testing, we’ll optimize the experience based on that information.
Color | Neutral Palette | Tans (phasing out, do not use)
RGB: 108 | 99 | 91 
HEX: #6C635B
Medium Tan
RGB: 209 | 207 | 198 
Light Tan
RGB: 233 | 231 | 221
Barely There Tan
RGB: 241 | 239 | 232